Company Profile

Company Profile

Grandline Philippines Corporation was incorporated in July of 2011. The company is a subsidiary of Grandline Japan & primary purpose of this corporation is to:
"Provide or coordinate language enrichment services through the internet or other form of online or electronic medium and likewise to other such as services to walk-in clients within or outside of the Philippines. The company is guided by two major factors in serving the clients: quality of teaching & affordable education programs.

Quality of Teaching- revolves around the principle that we cater to the individual profile of our client creating specialized and personalized service to make each lesson tailor made to suit our clients’ needs. Grandline Philippines aims to produce lessons that are up to date, timely and highly efficient to spearhead the growth of each individual learner. Aiming for excellence, we value the input of our clients and our subsidiaries creating avenues for growth of our staff by advocating the input of our business partners, incorporating the beliefs that each customer has an opinion.

Affordable Education Programs- Our clients are mostly Japanese professionals. Before clients take lessons the company conducts an assessment in order to understand the clients’ needs and preferences. We make sure that all the involved lessons will enrich our client and that they get the value for their money.

Mission & Vision

Making Grandline Philippines Globally Competitive- as a subsidiary of Grand Line Japan, our aim is to expand our horizons to meet our current client’s goal to establish a network of strong local market as a stronghold for branching out into the world to cater not only to professionals from Japan but also to other countries. By continuing to evolve and to fine tune the current business strategy, we aim to be the top provider of online and walk in educational programs.